are always solutions for the customer needs. Under Inspired by Pema are we producing & marketing lighting & lifestyle designs from European and Asian designers with requirements to reach 100% quality assurance.

Two of our manufactured lighting designs in China, FIFTY FIFTY & 9LITE have received the Design Plus Award already in the year 2002, followed by other products with Design Awards recognition.

OEM & ODM manufacturing including successful own promotional ideas as AQUA STICK, LAVA LAMPS, LIGHTSTICK and others for the non-food range of the leading German retailers including the extensive certification process is part of our business as well.
In the year 2010 we developed as OEM project a T8 LED tube including VDE approval and believe to be the first one to have realized it in China.

roter und blauer Lichtsack


The Lichtsack ® was designed by Designer Christofer Born.


High quality charger in modern design and high efficence.